Reading With Toodler On A Car Bed

Do you think the only reason to buy a car bed for your child is to play fun games or go to bed early? One of the most fun and peaceful activities is reading a book in a car bed. Moreover, when you read a story about cars, you can enjoy the sounds of our products and add another dimension to your adventure.

Reading is one of the best activities you can do with your child of all ages. This peaceful and fun activity brings parents and children closer together. Regular reading is very beneficial for the language development of the child. It also improves concentration and listening ability. It has a significant contribution to knowing and expressing himself/herself correctly.

Find out in this article how the relax, play and teach approach can turn reading time to your advantage.


Reading stories is very advantageous for you to spend one-on-one moments with your child. While reading, he hugs you, feels your warmth, and relaxes by listening to your voice, which has been the most comforting thing since he was born. All these factors contribute significantly to the development of the child-parent bond. In addition, it is an excellent way to eliminate the stress of daily life for both children and adults. Finally, this quality time together is a great way to make up for work hours away from your children.

It is necessary to make reading a part of the sleep routine. No matter your child’s age, reading before bed is very relaxing. Falling asleep can be very difficult, especially for toddlers. Reading to end the day will be helpful to calm the mind and put it to sleep. It is also enjoyable to listen to the adventure he loves in the safe arms of his parents.

Pay attention to this when you notice that your child likes a story, a theme, or a character. Reading hours, which you shape according to his tastes, make him feel valuable and your love for him.

Try to describe the emotions in the pictures you see while reading a book. For example, “The frog is bored. Do you think it would be nice if someone gave him a hug?” Identifying emotions with questions such as these is especially necessary for toddlers. This allows them to understand better the feelings they are feeling.

You can also use books to help your child welcome some experiences. For example, it can be comforting to listen to and comment on serious issues such as starting kindergarten, sharing toys, fights with friends, losing a pet, or even the death of a close person. Thus, he realizes he is not the only person who encounters such situations and tries to cope with new emotions.


Choose books according to your child’s age group. For example, while older children enjoy reading books with interactive activities, babies enjoy cardboard and cloth books that they can feel with their hands and mouths. Invite your child to feel textures in books, listen to sound effects, move wings, open doors, etc.

Take time to talk about the story while reading the book. For example, ask questions such as “Do you think the sparrow will dare to fly?” Share your reactions with him, such as “I’m very excited, and I wondered what happened next.” This way, he will be more drawn into the story and feel more involved. The time to read will be more fun. What is this? Where is the turtle? Ask, “Which is the blue car.” Give him some time to respond. After this time, when you answer, he will realize that communication is a two-way relationship.

Change your tone according to the story. Use your gestures. For example, whisper while a character is asleep and breathe before something vital happens. Your child will add a different flavor to the story. He will learn to listen to tones of voice and read facial expressions to interpret emotions better.

Go on adventures together. Explore an imaginary land. Let your child’s imaginations stretch as they read the story. Comment on illustrations that turn reading into a game.


Read your child’s favorite stories, skipping keywords or phrases that interest him. Your child will love completing sentences or repeating favorite parts. Write new stories together on the same pictures. Create an opportunity to tell her a story she loves in her way. You can make reading time very interactive.

You can support your child’s intellectual development with books.

Use books to discuss objects’ color, shape, and size. Although abstract ideas can be challenging for toddlers to understand, books are a great way to learn these concepts.

Take your child to places he may never go through books; just like the games, he plays with the car bed . Introduce you to space, ocean depths, and other countries cultures. Use books to give ideas about new places and new experiences. Help him learn the differences to raise a broad-minded, more understanding individual. 

Read stories as you prepare your child for sleep. So he learns how to handle a book. Your toddler starts to say start and end words like “once upon a time” and “and that’s how this story ends.”

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