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Tesla’s long-awaited Holiday 2021 update enabled a ton of new features, including a blind spot camera. Unfortunately, it also changed the Tesla infotainment center UI, tucking essential controls like A/C fan speed behind a flurry of annoying menus. To address the issue, designer Hans van de Bruggen made a now-viral concept Tesla UI with a much simpler interface.

Unfortunately, Elon Musk didn’t appreciate the mockup. And his response led to a flood of complaints from Tesla drivers who are unhappy with the Holiday 2021 update’s awkward UI changes.

We would need a whole article to list every problem with the current Tesla UI. Customers complain that the speedometer shouldn’t be in the top left corner of the screen, where it’s obscured by their right hand. They also say that tire pressure should be easier to find, that A/C and seat heater controls shouldn’t be hidden, and that dashcam functions are practically useless now that they take more than three clicks to activate.

Hans van de Bruggen’s fan-made prototype UI addresses most of these complaints. Plus, it introduces some neat customization features to the Tesla interface. The prototype lets you add whatever shortcuts you want to the infotainment center, including those pesky A/C and seat heater controls.

But Elon Musk believes that “almost all input is error,” which is a roundabout way of saying that customers should never have to touch any buttons. Instead, your car should adapt to your needs automatically. This idea is interesting, but it’s completely disconnected from reality. Teslas cannot anticipate your every need, and they won’t gain such a capability for decades, if ever.

Basic controls should be easily accessible to drivers. Not just for convenience, but for safety. You shouldn’t have to take your eyes off the road just to turn on your seat warmer. That’s why Tesla drivers are upset about the recent UI change, and it’s also the reason why they dogpiled Elon Musk after his dismissive tweet.

For more information on Hans van de Bruggen’s prototype Tesla UI, check out his Medium page. The designer has also drafted concepts for a Tesla app store, of all things.

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