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When Carl Pei founded Nothing, he explained that the company would build an ecosystem of products that work together seamlessly. So, after the launch of the company’s Ear 1 earbuds, a Nothing phone seems inevitable. And thanks to some new Twitter posts, Nothing fans believe a smartphone is just around the corner.

Carl Pei recently shared a tweet that simply stated “Back on Android.” This tweet feels pretty literal—Pei was a co-founder of OnePlus, but he’s a well-known Apple user. Now, he’s giving Android a spin for the first time in a few years.

But things got weird when Pei asked people to name their favorite Android-based OS. Damien Wilde of 9to5Google commented that he’d “rather hear” Pei’s thoughts on the subject, to which the Nothing founder responded, “you will soon.”

So, is Nothing working on a custom Android-based OS? If Nothing wants to release a smartphone, a customized OS would make a lot of sense—Carl Pei is still appealing to fans of OnePlus, which is best known for its sleek OxygenOS.

Other comments came from the official Android and Snapdragon Twitter accounts. While the people who run these accounts probably don’t know any behind-the-scenes business deals (which may or may not exist), they expressed excitement over Pei’s tweets.

Either way, we’re interested in the idea of a Nothing smartphone. We didn’t expect much from the company, but its Ear 1 earbuds were an overwhelming success. The earbuds scored an 8/10 in our detailed review thanks to their comfortable design, killer price, and solid sound quality.

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